Neon & Lightbox Signage

We manufacture and install both neon and lightbox architectural signage in the USA, CANADA, UK.

Neon for Interior POP Displays

Merchandising requires safe durable and attention getting design elements. We make neon work for you.

Neon for Interior Design and Events

Whether you have a special event or long term interior design need, we make the neon that pulls it all together.

Large Scale Architectural Neon Installation

We specialize in custom large scale neon and lightbox installations. Send us your design. Let's talk.

Neon for Mass Production and Multiples

We manufacture both in Asia and locally. So we can produce large quantites very fast.

Neon for Powerful Slogans and Trade Marks

Neon has a unique feel. What would happen if your logo or trademark was in neon?

Neon for Retail and Exterior Signage

Exterior building neon is one of our main applications. Let's talk about your needs.

Large Corporate and Retail Clients

Our clients include Twitter, Facebook, Google, Burberry, Audi, Nestle, and more. So you're in good company.

Lightbox Backlight Architectural Box Signage

Making lightbox signs is so much faster and simpler than neon. We do both.

Exterior Lighbox Signage

We manufacture and install large scale signage all over the USA, CAN, and UK.

Acrylic Retail Shingle Lightbox Signage

Another one of our biggest sellers are acrylic shingle and storefront signs. We love making these guys.

Exterior Architectural Monument Signage

We manufacture large scale exterior architectural monument signage as well. We can install or work with your construction team to get it done.